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It’s no news that we are in the end time, we are in the last minutes of the earth, and we can also see all the prophesies in the Bible coming to reality. The norms and values of our society are in contrast with Christianity, and now some of the ‘Believers’ are also losing focus and developing doubt in their Faith. Do not be swayed by the general public, do not follow the crowd, we have a goal, we must see our creator at the end of this journey, that should be the most important thing to you for now. You do not need to prove who is right or wrong, what matters the most is your relationship with our creator. This Song is part of the Album Sanctified In His Presence and was released 2015.


Who’s Right By Benjamin Dube Mp3 Music Lyrics

Some things I need to know
Let me know
What makes anyone right?
While living in the
Wrong world
Every wrong seems
To be right
And every right way seems
To be wrong
Why so… I gotta know
I really wanna know
Is my right Your wrong?
Is my wrong Your right?
Where Your right seems to
Be wrong
Changing good to bad
While bad is not so good
I want to know
Who’s right yet so wrong
Who’s wrong yet so right
So wrong yet so right
So right yet so wrong
I wanna know
Let me know
Heavenly Father
Creator of everything
What is Your righteousness?
And who is Your righteousness O-
Your Word is right
Your Will is right
Your wrong is still right
How can You be wrong?
When everything
You’ve done is right
How can You be wrong
I want to know – I now know

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