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Breathe/Rest(Spontaneous) By Bethel Music Mp3 Music Download Free + Lyrics Can Be Found On This Page.

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This song is very spiritual. It encourages us to take a deep breath and meditate on then thing of God and surrender all unto him, Stay blessed as you download and listen. This song is part of the album Revival’s in the Air and was released 2020.


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Breathe/Rest(Spontaneous) By Bethel Music Mp3 Music Lyrics

All across the room, just take a deep breath in His presence right now
We rest, Father
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose
Nothing to show, nothing to prove
Just our hearts laid bare before You
Like that little boy
With the loaves and the fish
It’s not much, but here’s our heart, Father
It’s not much, but here’s our hearts Father
We present them before You in tenderness
Genuine, real devotion
Yeah, it’s weak, but it’s real
We breathe deep in Your presence this morning
Fully alive in Your eyes
Breathing again in Your smile
Nothing to gain
Nothing to lose
Nothing to prove
Just rest

Oh, my heart is Yours, Father
It always has been
‘Cause we’re the dream of Your heart
We’re the dream of Your heart
And all of my heart, and all of my soul
With all of my strength, Father, and all that I know
I bow before Your feet now
And I give You what You always wanted, my heart
Which You paid for with Your very own blood, our hearts
Just let the music prophesy

And I am a child again
And I am Your child again

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