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God has given us an everlasting gift of son-ship to become just like Him, our Father, the King. This song was produced to buttress the fact that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the power of God unto Salvation and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it (Romans 1:16) because, the least thing a king would do, is to be ashamed of his Kingship or Kingdom.

Aye Oloba means “Life of a King” and this song should make us realize and come to the understanding that being like Christ is living the King life here on earth and therefore we should continue to shine our light, The splendor of a king.


Aye Oloba By Aye Oloba Mp3 Music Lyrics

Salvation is so sweet
My Father is the King
Anything you ask
‘Say Baba’s gonna give you
Tell me what you feel
Anytime you think,
All about His goodness
Every morning, noon and evening, yeah!
Mo Jaiye Oloba oooh
Mo Jaiye Oloba yeahhh
Mo Jaiye Oloba ooohhh

Now as you see me
In his love I am sinking
I don’t need life saving jackets
Not even CPR
Cuz His grace dey drown me
Salvation is the only
Ingredients you need
To spice up your alley yeah
Situations, tribulations fit to come
You’re not alone my friend
So keep your calm
His promises is peace
And a crown of LIFE
To keep you going
Keep you lacking nothing

Now, make you hear me
My words fit to fail me
But every WORD of God is true
He never failed me
Oya make we ride
Salvation is the wheel
To a journey to redeem
Of all the blessings wey you lost
Situations, tribulations fit to show
You’re not alone my friend
So feel at home
His promises are true
And a crown of GRACE
To keep on giving
All the glory to Him

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