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Yes! Being a Christian guarantees problems and challenges but what we should know is they don’t last forever, its only for a moment. Christ is with you when you take each and every step. When we see things from this perspective, we tend to enjoy life more. This song is part of the album Here In Heaven and was released 2016.


For A Moment By Elevation Worship Mp3 Music Lyric

Peace be still you are with me
In this hope I abide
Jesus be my sustainer
Strengthen me in this trial

And I know, it’s only for a moment
And everything is working for your glory
But I need, your perfect love to hold me
Safe within your promise
Til the storm has passed

When this burden is lifted
I’ll give thanks to your name
But until it is finished
I’ll give praise just the same

For we have this hope
As an anchor for our soul
You are with us
We will never be alone

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