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Have you taken sometime to think of how the affairs of the universe is run? Who created the enormous seas, who made the blue whales, Who invented air, You would make a few conclusions and one of them is that whoever made all of these is too great to be called a mere man and it is too planned to be an accident. He is God. This song is from the Album Frankincense and was released year 2016.


Ayaya By Frank Edwards Mp3 Music Lyrics

Ayaya yaya yaya yaya yaya
Ayaya yaya yaya yaya yaya
Ayaya yaya yaya yaya yaya
Ayaya ayaya
You alone are God of creation
That why we sing
Abasi ayaya o
Your everlasting love remains forever
Ayaya o, ayaya o
Eh, imara mi eh
You made the rain to fall on all of us
And a thousand years is not enough to thank you
Ayaya oh, Abasi ayaya eh
Eyiehhhhh …Chorus:
Obim o, imara mma puru iche
Jehovah lee, elewe ugo oburu so mma
Ogogogogo, egwu di iche kanyi ji abia
Onye na eme mma you are bigger than what people say
Eh, imara mi eh
The king who knows and reigns inmajesty
So we sing
Blessed be the name of the lord
Ayaya oh, ayaya oh
Iyiehhh …Chorus:
Provider, ima mi
Igwe, chukwuoma
Provider, my love, ima mi
Igwe, chukwuoma

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