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How often do you show gratitude to the Lord God almighty? is it only when you need something from Him of you do not show gratitude at all? Stop asking and asking and asking alone, thank Him for all He has done for you, let Him know you are grateful, I can assure you if you are grateful for His past deeds, He will be eager to do more for you, even more than you asked for. This song is from the Album Frankincense and was released year 2016.


Gratitude By Frank Edwards Mp3 Music Lyrics

When I call you
You dey answer
When you show up
Devil dey run away
When you stand tall, (…fill in please)
You no dey sleep sleep
You no dey sleep sleep
Thank you for the sun and the birds in air
I no fit count the blessings wey you give to me
Even when they run come them want to pull me down
You no dey sleep sleep
You no dey sleep sleep
No way

God no dey sleep
And not dead
Kilomofeso laye mi o
Wetin I go give to you, Baba
O gini ka m ga emere gi
Alagbari eda
Imela o

Rock town in the building yeah
You know say this how we do it now
Obidogo, obidogo

1, 2, 3, shut the devil out
1 by 1, God is taking over
You know what you see when you look into the mirror
I am the son of the lion from Zion
Shot in the air now
One shot for the lion of Judah
Another shot for God Almighty
Now, you no dey sleep sleep
You no dey sleep sleep
No way

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