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The way you treat your father and your grandfather are very different. The fear, the reverence, the comportment, it is totally different. You do not show gratitude to God the same way your will appreciate your boss there is a process, you must follow the due process because He is not just any one, He is the most high.  This song is from the Album GOD BE PRAISED and was released year 2010.


How To Worship A King by Gateway Worship Mp3 Music Lyrics

You give me joy
You give me life
You give me strength
To stand in the fire
Now I can live
Live what I sing
Showing the world
How to worship a King
Lord, I give You thanks
God, I give You praise
I give You a life that shows
I’m living like a child who bears Your name
Now with every day
Let my life proclaim what I sing
I worship my King
With all my heart
All my strength
All that God has given me
This is how I worship my King

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