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Gravity By Brian and Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music) Mp3 Music Download Free + Lyrics Can Be Found On This Page.

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This song speaks about the how God has been with us; delivering us from the evil one and making sure that we get everything we need. Here’s to the one who did it all for us.

Gravity was written by Brian & Jenn Johnson and released in 2017. It is part of the album After All These Years. You can play it online or download it below.


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Gravity By Brian And Jenn Johnson Mp3 Music Lyrics

I get caught up
In all these petty things
Losing sight of what matters to You
But then You come
And take me by the hand
You say, “Come up here with me”

And then my feet came off the ground
You lifted me above the clouds
As I look down the whole world seemed so small
Past the stars through space and time
And I forget what’s left behind
As I’m surrounded by these grander things
Up here in perfect harmony
You’re orchestrating galaxies
They’re lighting up as far as I can see
The majesty
The mystery

Your gravity
Pulls me close to You
And I can breathe again
Here with You
There’s nothing more to say
And it’s clear what matters to You

Woah-ohh … oh-ohh-ohhh
Woah-ohh … oh-ohh
Woah-ohh … oh-ohh-ohhh
Woah-ohh … oh-ohh

High above it all
Sovereign You are
And I can rest
‘Cause it’s all in Your hands
Sovereign You are

High above it all
Sovereign You are
And I can rest
It’s all in Your hands
Sovereign You are

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