How Do You Take Charge Of Your Day?

Do you like how your day begins? Or do you belong to the school of thought that believes that ‘a day goes depending on what side of the bed you woke up on”? While some believers take charge of their day by scrolling through social media, Others take charge of their day through their mood.

Are all of these wrong? Of course, not. The only issue is that whatever you do first in the morning will often set the mood for the day. Let’s assume that while scrolling the streets of Social media early in the morning, you come across something that dampens your mood, it implies that the tone for the day has gone wrong. This shouldn’t be and it is not a great act of intentional living.

So what should you do? How should you take charge of your day? I will share with you a few tips from my daily routine and the daily routine of a few great people I’ve studied.

Are you interested? Then, read on.

10 Ways To Take Charge of Your Day.

  1. Start With God: Once your alarm goes off, the next thing to be done is to communicate with the father. A day started with Jesus never goes wrong. This is where you dictate how you want the day to be, pour your hearts to him, and let go of whatever worries you took to bed the other night. Sing praises to Him and dance to Him or revel in worship.
  2. Give Yourself To The Word: There are different ways to do this. You can decide to read through any part of the Bible you open as you flip through, you can choose to read the Bible in Chronological order or start with New Testament, then read a chapter daily. However, do not forget to keep notes of what you’ve read.
  3. Make Positive Declarations: This is otherwise known as affirmations or confession. It is a way of just proclaiming beautiful things backed up by the scripture about your day, future, etc. Positive affirmation is just another way of proclaiming God’s promise for you, boosting your confidence and knowing your Identity in Christ. However, it should be said out loud and repeatedly.
    Such affirmations include:

    • No weapon formed against me shall prosper
    • The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not lack,
    • Though I walk through the valley of death, I fear no evil, etc.

    These affirmations backed up by scriptures are endless, you can read out the scripture first, then carve out your declarations from it. When should it be done? It could be done after praying, as you bathe, or dress up, etc. But, it’s important for the heart to be aligned with your declaration.

  4. Listen to Sermon/Worship Songs: Remember, you want to stay in the presence of God as you go about the day. So as you look for what to wear, brush, bathe or transport to your place of work or school, let a sermon or worship song play through your phone speaker.
  5. Listen to a Christian Podcast/TedTalk: There are numerous Christian podcasts that can bless you out there. All you need to do is to find a podcaster or preacher whose message you find easy to understand.
  6. Meditation: This meditation can be done through your daily memory verse. You are expected to meditate, pray and repeat this verse continually as you go about the day.
  7. Have A Devotional App: I deliberately mentioned this towards the end because it’ll require you to use your phone and I wouldn’t want you to be distracted. You can download apps like “YouVersion”. YouVersion is a devotional app that gives you the opportunity to choose from its different plans that span for days and you can even use its daily devotion. Other apps include “Devotional”, ” KJV study Bible”, etc.
  8. Journaling: This is the favourite part of my routine. It’s an avenue for me to pour out my heart, and write to God about my future, my day, etc. Aside from the fact that it helps your writing skill, it’s mind-relieving, it is therapeutical.
  9. Intercession List: As Christians, we’ve been admonished to intercede for others. So you can write out the name of people you love on a sticky card, and paste it where you’d see it when you wake up. Then do justice to it by praying for them. It aids your spiritual growth.
  10. Practice Stillness: This is where you sit or stand with your eyes closed as you listen. It could be to hear God speak, gather your thoughts or help you get a hang of the day.



You can never practice all or a few of the above daily with all diligence and expect the day to go wrong, never!

Which of the steps would you follow consistently henceforth to take charge of your day? Which do you follow already? Or what other steps do you know?

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