How Does God Speak?

One of the questions I did not like to be asked when I started my Journey as a believer is “Does God speak to you?” Back then, I detest such a question because I had always thought that “Does God speaks to you?” Simply meant that “does God sit to speak with me as I do with my friends” and that it has to do with me hearing an audible voice alongside others.

I never wanted to be asked because my answer would always be No and I wouldn’t want to declare No to people who ask, so I don’t come out as an inferior Christian that doesn’t hear God speaks.

I can laugh and answer this question positively because I have got a better understanding. No wonder the scripture says “My people perish because they lack understanding.” Have you found yourself evading such a question or you’re unsure about it? Worry not! You’d have the clarity you need when you’re done reading this.

God speaks and He has spoken to you more than twice. However, you do not know because you were waiting for that audible voice like I was.

12 Ways Through Which God Speaks

  1. Scripture: God speak to you through the scripture. Have you ever found yourself praying, and then a scripture comes to mind? Checking it, you find out that it addresses that particular situation of yours? That was God speaking to you. So when a particular scripture keeps coming, it’s still God speaking- it is the Word of God.
  2. Sermon: Have you ever attended a gathering or are at home listening to a sermon and it looked like the preacher was speaking exactly about you? Or the preaching made you cry and made you renew your heart? That is God speaking to you through that preacher’s sermon.
  3. Mood/ Intuition: So many times I have found myself tossing to and fro on my bed with sleep eluding me. That’s a feeling of restlessness and uneasiness. All of a sudden, I find myself praying, and then the next minute, I am asleep.
    How about times when you finish dressing up and you suddenly don’t feel comfortable in wearing those particular? This may sound petty but then, perhaps God does not want you to lose out on or participate in something because of your motive in dressing that particular way. Or days when you find yourself going out and coming back into your room without wanting to go out? Now, I’m not talking about laziness, but a strong conviction. It could be that the class won’t hold or there is harm on the road. That is still God speaking.
  4. Dream or Vision: He could speak to you in your dream as He did with Joseph and Daniel. Although it might not be understandable at times, you’ve to pray for the interpretation.
  5. The Same situation keeps happening: When something keeps occurring, you’ve to pay attention. Your sensitivity and obedience are needed. It might be so because you haven’t heeded it or because He wants it to serve as confirmation.
  6. Circumstances: He speaks through circumstances and situations we are going through. Most times when He wants to teach you how to trust Him, He will bring hard times your way. So learn to hear Him through your situation.
  7. Biblical Character: There are times you begin to read the story of people you’ve read before in the Bible and you begin to see it in a new light of the happenings around you. As clarity begins to come, He’s the one speaking to you.
  8. Through Others: You might be in a gathering praying, then He lays something upon the heart of someone for you.
  9. Through Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs: Those songs and hymns you listened to carelessly have given answers to people and delivered them. It all happens when God choose to speak to it.
  10. Signs: The Yoruba believe in the sign that if you’re going out and you stumble with your left footing, the day will be bad. It’s a sign that speaks to them. In that same manner, God may choose to through unimaginable signs.
  11. Visitation: Mary and Elizabeth had a visitation. God uses such as well to speak.
  12. A New Song: You might find yourself praying, and then all of a sudden, you started singing out a song you’ve never heard before. It means He is speaking.



God speaks in diverse ways, the list is inexhaustible. The ways listed above are the ways that I know and through which He has spoken with me. However, you only know how He speaks when you are sensitive and patient. Does that mean He doesn’t speak through audible voice? Of course, He does.

What other ways have you experienced God speaking to you or someone you know? Does any of the ways listed above sound familiar?

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