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Giving up is never an option. You should always be of good cheer and have faith that God is with you, no matter what happens, He will stand by you. Belief is everything. Have faith, things will move forward. This song is from the Album IDENTITY and was released year 2012.


Forward by James Fortune Mp3 Music Lyrics

I’m moving forward, I can’t go back [x2]
I’m moving forward, I can’t go
I’m moving forward, moving forward

[Verse 1:]
Feeling hopeless seems like nothing’s going my way
Giving up is never an option even on my worst day
I know that I was put here to make it to the finish
So I press on when others quit

[Pre chorus:]
Forward, I am moving forward


[Verse 2:]
When it seems the past is trying to stop
I’m forgetting those things that are behind me
I have got my eyes set on the prize
I can’t lose sight, I’m moving on

[Pre chorus]


All the sweat and the tears I cried
Had me seeing that I was born to win
Got a new destination in mind and that’s forward
I won’t stop until I get there


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