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Can you imagine how the night Jesus Christ was born felt like? It will be a spirit filled night, a night when the One that will liberate the world came. A night when humans became officially free from the shackles of the devil. This song is from the Album THE TRANSFORMATION and was released year 2008.


Holy Night by James Fortune Mp3 Music Lyrics

Verse1-There was a virgin girl,who lived in galilee!
And a Jewish carpenter,who had this crazy dream!
That one day their son would grow up,and save the world!
He would save us from all hurts,and fears,and then be slain for us!
Chorus-Holy was the night when Christ was born!
The stars shine big and bright!
Angels cry holy are you Lord!
Verse2-They searched the entire town for a place to rest their heads!
Amazed by what they found,an abandoned barn instead!
(tenors)Who would have thought a manger boy would save the world!
(women)He would give his life and now,we’re covered by his blood!
Lead-Oh,Fall on your knees! Oh hear the angels voices!Oh night(Oh Night) Devine!(Devine) Oh night!
Instrumental Break
Vamp-Oh Yes,He was Born
Yes He was Born! 6xs
Chorus2-What a holy night it was.2xs
What a holy night!

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