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Our Father is the One clothed with fire and a name resounding like thunder. There is none like Him, none can face Him head on, None can battle with Him, no one can say No when He has said Yes. He is the One that can open a door that no one can shut. This song is from the Album Generation Next and was released year 2015.


Fire Regalia by Jay-Mikee Mp3 Music Lyrics

La-la la-la (chuckle) lalalala…
Ladies and gentlemen this is my first rap track
It is still jaymikee please do not turn your back
Listen to the rhythm as it flows out
And study the lyrics to understand what all of this is about…

Ah-alagbada Ina
Oh-oyigiyi oba mimo. (Aha-aha)
Emi ni tin je emini ×2
Alawo tele orun
Erujeje leti okun pupa
Oba awon oba ×2
Dansaki re, oba awon oba
Eleburu ike
OK OK I know I′m not a rapper but
Really there should never be a limitation
To the medium that we can use in
Exaltation and adoration for a God of all creation
Far above the heavens, deep into the skies
The angels are declaring, we humans only try
For the small chance we have we will magnify
Until our God in heaven says He is satisfied
Now behold the lamb that was slain
Took away my shame and and my sorrow and my pain
How could he step down from the throne
Just to save a nobody like me and to call me His own
Sometimes I wonder, why did He do what He did
It makes me ponder, why did he suffer and bleed
There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary
That could ever describe a man so legendary…
Our father, who lives in Heaven
The Keeper of the fishes, animals and even ravens
Halloweth be thy name thy kingdom come
Your name brings peace in the middle of the storm…
Raised me up from the dust, salvation.
Broke my shackles and chains, redemption
Breathed life in my soul, revival
Gave me a second chance, survival
That′s why when I think of you
I can never feel the same
I will never ever put my trust in any other name
Ever since you died for me
I have gotten liberty
From the foolish stupid selfish life of immorality
So, for the rest of my days, in All of my ways I promise
To always be true and loyal to you
Until the glorious day when I pass away
To get to the heavenly place
Where I can see your face…

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