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When you feed your flesh, you tend towards the things of the world, things with no spiritual value. You need to kill the flesh and feed your spirit man. Call upon the Spirit of God today, ask Him to cleanse you, ask Him to direct and guide you, with the Spirit on your side, you can break free from the shackles of sin. This song is from the Album Generation Next 2 and was released year 2016.


Spirit Move – Acapella by JayMikee Mp3 Music Lyrics

Spirit move over me(2ce)
Holy Spirit move me now
Make my life whole again
Spirit move over me(2ce)

Shall we continue to watch as our flesh shuts
The mouth of our spirit and leads our souls to hell?
Because we are his sons,
He sent the spirit of his son into our Heart
The spirit that crys out Abba father
How long would we allow our ears to be filled with lies,
Lies with the guild of sensible questions produced by human nature
Our nature itself has been compromised,
But from the fall of Adam and Eve we were griped with the gene
The spirit if you may to know what is good and what is evil
To think of it,
It was in us wanting to know that we fell in the first place
Shut the voice of the questioning
Spirit all it is out there is to confuse us
That same spirit that would want you to find out if there
Is a God and life after death and heaven and the hell and
Would make you suicidal that spirit is from no where but hell
We inherited sin, we inherited death,
That should have been our end but mercy said NO.
(Chrous-holy spirit)
From Adam came death and through Jesus came life
He died our death to shut the voices out
So call on him when weighed with the weight of the world
He wants us to stand still and know just one thing that he is your God
So are you waiting for a reason to
Call on him to surrender your life to Him?
Do you want to see the gate of hell
Before you call on the name of Jesus?
For to whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit
(1corin6:17) which means the Holy Spirit,
The spirit of the God of the
Universe would be emerged with your spirit
A person opportuned to be such a carrier of the presence of
The most high would literally be walking in the supernatural
How can his life not make perfect sense?
It′s hard to believe but it is true
You are opportuned
Just call on him, accept him
Give your life to him and let him be your God
(Chrous-holy spirit)

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