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This world is filled with evil and hate, if you are not careful, you will be consumed in it, but I am here to tell you that there is still good here, God’s people are kind, follow God and surround yourself with His disciples here on earth. This song is from the Album PRODIGAL SON and was released year 1978.


Song For Josiah by Keith Green Mp3 Music Lyrics

Oh my son, you were born in a world that hates you
And I swear I will never forsake you
But there was a father centuries ago
Who watched his beloved son die. Oh, die

Oh my son, I am weak and I’m trembling
For the Lord I am always remembering
Oh what a strong shepherd holds you in His arms
He’ll break you and make you His own
And then take you home

Well if I could I would protect you from what you will see
This world will promise love and beauty,
But it lied to me
And I will show you, if you will listen
And I will promise, to listen too

Oh yes there are some who love the lies.
They will kill you if they can,
Though you speak the truth with love.
They will hate you like the man,
Although he was God,
He allowed Himself broken for you.

Himself broken for you.
And if I could I would protect you from what you will see.
This world just might seem so alive,
But it’s dead to me.
And I will teach you if you will hear me,
And I will promise to hear you too.
Yes I do.

Oh my son I am only your brother,
For a sister God gave me your mother,
But just like the mother so long ago
Had to watch her beloved son die, die,
Oh son we will try
To let you go.

The Lord says to us tonight, He gave us his Son, why won’t we give Him our life in return, all of it.
Why not?

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