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Take sometime off today to say thank you to Jesus Christ. He has been the great Provider, the Protector, our Messiah, Our Saviour. The One that says Yes and no one can say no. Bless His Holy Name today. This song is from the Album JESUS COMMANDS US TO GO and was released year 1984.


Thank You Jesus by Keith Green Mp3 Music Lyrics

Thank you jesus, for what you’re doing for me,
Thank you jesus, I want the whole world to see,
That you’re not just a picture on the wall in my room,
That you’re faster than lightning, and you’re coming back soon.
Thank you jesus, for all the good things you do,
Thank you jesus, I wish they all could know you,
That you’re not just a book collecting dust on the shelf,
And if they don’t want to read it, you’re gonna be back to tell them yourself.
I don’t understand, why my fellow man, had to turn away,
From all the good things that you say,
They’re still trying to find a better way, but you know they won’t,
Unless they invent one, then we’ll have to patent it.
Thank you jesus, for all the good things you’ve done,
Thank you jesus, I really want to tell you lord,
I’m having so much fun, loving you.
Thank you jesus, for this here smile on my face,
I really want to shout it to the whole human race,
That you’re not just this building on the corner where we meet,
They can know you in person, you’re a pleasure to meet.
Thank you jesus, oh thank you jesus,
Thank you jesus, I only want to thank you jesus,
I don’t care what they say,
They’re gonna call you a cliché,
I’m gonna love you anyway!

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