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We should always remember certain things, we are humans, we do not know the outcome of the things we do currently, we live on assumption that things will go as planned. To live a life that will have a high amount of certainty, surrender all to God, He knows your end from your beginning. Let Him govern the affairs of your life. This song is from the Album No Ways Tired and was released year 2009.


I Surrender All By Kim Burrell Mp3 Music Lyrics

I surrender all
You know Lord that I surrender all
And unto You I owe
I owe You my soul
You know that I surrender all

All to Jesus
I surrender
Lord, I give my self
My self to thee
You feel me with thy…
With thy love and power
Let, Lord, let thy blessing fall on me

You know that I surrender all
Lord, I surrender all
And it’s all to thee my
My blessed Saviour
I surrender it all

Everything I am, I do, Lord
I surrender it all to You, Lord
My heart I give, my soul I give
Everything to You, I freely give
Over to You, Lord

Everything I’ll be
I owe it all to thee
Lord, I surrender it all
Humbly at Your feet I bow, Lord
I surrender it all, Lord
Everything, everything, everything
I give it all to You, Lord
I surrender it all… yeah

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