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A good number of us have got friends, there are different level of friendships and that is relative as it is determined by ourselves as individuals, There are those we call and just talk about surface issues with them and there are some that are in the category where we can tell them deep things, and there are something’s we can not tell anyone, this is where Jesus comes in, tell it to Him, He is always willing to listen, He will solve whatever problems for you. This song is from the Album No Ways Tired and was released year 2009.


Jesus(Reprise Excluded… From 4:35) By Kim Burrell Mp3 Music Lyrics

I got a friend, that I call, when I need him

And He’s there, he’s my closest friend
I call him and I tell him what I want,
Whatever I want, thank you my Friend
Hmm, I call on you because you’re there whenever I need you
Call on you, and you come, because you’re my friend,
I love calling you when I’m lonely, filled with sorrow,
I love calling your name, cause you bring peace to my tomorrow
Whenever I call your name,
Your name is a strong tower,
That’s why I call your name
You’re there when I need you every second, every minute, every hour
That’s why I call you Jesus,
Jesus, I love you, my Jesus
I love, I love calling your name,
Jesus, oh, Jesus,
I love calling your name
I love calling your name
Because your name is holy
That’s why I love calling your name
Your name brings peace in the storm
That’s why I call your name,
Your name is healing
That’s why I call on Jesus
Jesus, call him to tell him what you want
Help me call him, help me call him
Somebody say Jesus
Can his name, jesus
Jesus, I love calling your name
In the morning, in the noon,
I love calling you
Everyday I calling your name
Cos your name is stronger everyday
Strong, Strong
I call call you when I need you,
And you’re there for me,
I call you and I don’t have to worry about you being late
You’re there with me all the time
Saying I’ll be with you
I know you there with me
Jesus, oh, hey, Jesus
I love calling your name
Jesus, hey Jesus, Oh call him

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