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A man may fall, in fact, a man is very prone to falling, but what defines you is not the amount of times you fall but if you get up after every fall. If you fall 8 times, get back on your feet 9 times, God is with you brethren, do not break, your time is very near, the storm is almost over. This song is from the Album Higher and was released year 2012.


Chibuzor/ Get Up By Lara George Mp3 Music Lyrics

Make I nack you one tory
Of Chibuzor na Naija guy
If you listen carefully
E fit be e fit be me
There’s a story before glory
A light after the night
Sake of say you fall before
E no mean say you will rise no more (ooh yeah) Get up off the floor
Get your feet back on the ground oh yeah (repeat) 2:
Chibuzor sweat, everyday na hustle
E go dey waka kurukere for sun
Even sef e don taya for Naija
Taya for work o, taya for di stress
Sake of say there’s no money
No mean say there’s no tomorrow
Chibu, u dey too worry
Raise your head up make you see There’s a story before glory
A light after the night
If you’ve fallen once before,
E no mean say u will rise no more (ooh yeah) Repeat Bridge:
If you’re like Chibu
If you’ve ever been there
Get up for justice ooooooh
Get up, Get up
Get up for tomorrow
For the sake of your children
Get up for liberty
Oooooooh get up, get up
Get up for peace
Get up for truth yeah
Get up for Naija o, oh
Get up, get up, And if you believe dat
Nigeria will be beta
Get up in solidarity
Oh ooh oh get up, get up Get up, get up (don’t mind the struggle)
Don’t mind dem bad belle o
Oh oh oh …
Get up, get up
Get up for what, for what you believe in
Oh oh oh oh…
Get up for truth, get up for peace ooooooo get up, get up When God has said Yes,
No man can say no
Get up for success
Chibu dey carry go
Weeping endures, endures for a night
When morning comes, the light wil be bright
Tell all the mothers, tell all the fathers
All of my brothers, all of my sisters…
Ohoh oh oh oh, oh lala la la la la…

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