Today is the day that Laraba fully becomes initiated into the Ladies with a Dragon Heart Secret Society and she is calm as a sea of glass.

Shelia sits with her somewhat baffled at her calmness. Unknown to her, Laraba has a plan to escape initiation and escape offering up Tahar. Ever since she has come into her own and come into the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, she has also come to understand her authority in Christ and that is her only plan B. Saving an intervention from above she know there is nothing that could stop her from being a fully initiated especially since she has managed to hold it off for so long…

She is so lost in communing with her heavenly father that she doesn’t notice when Sheila leaves. She snaps out of it long enough to fix herself some brunch. Before she knows it, it is night. She is no longer able to access the spirit realm like she used to so Sheila sends someone to come get her.

She arrives at the meeting place and somehow everything seems surreal. She still has this peace that she cannot understand… She is asked to recite some incantations, drink some substance that she is so sure is blood and what not but she refuses to participate in any of their gruesome rituals. When it is her turn to speak she says:

‘My beloved sisters. It has been such a joy walking with you all on this journey that has now come to an end. Although I never got to know any of you personally, your sense of camaraderie and sisterhood saw me through a very bad time. It is high time I introduced someone to you, someone that has become my best friend. Someone you need in your life to free you from all this darkness. I mean aren’t you tired of it all? Making human sacrifice after human sacrifice, watching your loved ones slip away all because you want to hold on to some elusive power. I mean think about it. Is this really worth it? My friend is called JESUS…

As soon as Laraba mentions JESUS the foundations of the meeting place begin to quake and she is unable to continue for the smoke that fills the room. She disappears from the meeting never to return ever again.


Hope you guys enjoyed the story and I hope it has blessed someone. Give your live to Jesus Christ today and let Him take his rightful place in your life to day.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. Allow Jesus into your life today

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