She knew she was stuck but didn’t know where to turn. Dragon mother had told her that she had come of age to make her sacrifice- she had to sacrifice the person she loved the most.

That person wasn’t her mother who gave her life or her father who passed on so long ago. It wasn’t Mukhtar who she sometimes wished she could return to.

It was Tahar- the one her heart refused to let go off. Tahar with his beautiful wife and cute little baby. Tahar who never did anything wrong but love her. She cursed the day she met him as she beat her chest in self-loathing.

Laraba lay there as tears rolled down her face… Then by a strength she didn’t know she had, she sat up, picked herself off the floor and smiled for the first time in five years.

Really smiled from the secret places of her soul.

She smiled because somehow, she knew she’d make it out of this quagmire. She couldn’t do it on her own so she called the only person she knew would always be there for her. It sounded foolish but that was the only person she could reach-

She called Dragon Mother.

Dragon Mother knew she was the only one that Laraba would reach out to so she bid her time, when the call came in, she rushed over there with unbelievable speed cleaning up the place and taking personal care of Laraba.

After a month of intensive care and re- introduction to food and beauty treatments, Laraba sparkled and shone way more than before.

It was something Dragon Mother couldn’t quite put her hand on but she chalked it up to her readiness to submit her all to the LADIES WITH A LION HEART SOCIETY.

Two months after Laraba comes out of her declined state, Dragon Mother whispers to her- ‘it is time’.

She expected the panic to return

She waited to feed off Laraba’s fear and turmoil

She expected to see the wildness back in her eyes

But instead there was this calm

Laraba just smiled and said I am ready

Dragon Mother uttered two words- ‘This night’

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