We are women of the underworld, we drink blood for breakfast, we are subject to no man, we are powerful, we reign supreme’.

This was the mantra of the LADIES WITH A DRAGON HEART a club I joined on year ago.

Why did I join? After two years of working as an escort, the emotional baggage became too much for me to carry. I needed to talk to someone. The secrets I carried around became a milestone around my neck and I needed to break free.

I went to see a counselor. Her name, Sheila. I had heard she is discreet and I went to her to unburden. She listened to me and told me she understood. She was all sweetness and spice. I relaxed in her presence.

There was something other- worldly about her. When I was with her, the world didn’t seem so murky. She chased the dark thoughts away. I felt loved, safe and understood.

Slowly but surely, she dragged me deeper and deeper into the web that she had spun ever so carefully. I found myself at each moment wondering what lay just around the corner and I walked deeper into something that I didn’t understand.

What had seemed so pure and almost heavenly, began to have dark shadows lurking just behind the scenes. I began to sense a presence. A dark presence behind it all. I was too far gone to care…

I was even better at my escort service and more in demand than ever. I however at this point chose my clientele more carefully and now had only two regular clients. I had more power and influence than ever. I was on top of the world!

One day, I went to see Sheila and what I saw shocked me…

She looked different. I wondered if she did something with her hair then it clicked all of a sudden! I had walked into the devil’s lair!

I was formally introduced to the club. A high society club. The way it was organized, No two members knew each other but everyone know the DRAGON MOTHER. No one knew what they signed up for or what they gave up as a result of their commitment to this society.

We were all lured into this and had to go along with whatever DRAGON MOTHER said. Her word was law. We submitted to her and in return she gave us everything we could possibly ask under the sun EXCEPT our free will. In a way we were her puppets and she controlled us at will.

To the public, the LADIES WITH A DRAGON heart was a club of high society women who encouraged on another and were philanthropists doing good deeds everywhere they went. Society sang our praises and we received numerous awards.

This was just a front to something more sinister. Something very dark that lay just beneath the surface.

I knew I had taken it too far. Choosing prostitution because I refused to let go was far enough but joining a secret society was in a class of its own. I could no longer blame my choices on Tahar. I had lost who I was.

I didn’t know where to turn but the Creator had not forgotten me.

One day, I met someone I thought I had lost forever, a blast from my past. I met Tahar.

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