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This track is the interlude track of the album BLIND. It is a short message that talks about perspective and how fast the world is moving, it preaches hope, God will shine the light in the end of the tunnel. This song is from the Album BLIND and was released year 2016.


Interlude by Limoblaze Mp3 Music Lyrics

At this point being virtual
Seeing everything real as possible
My sight alters the wall I could see beyond
No obstacle
The sensitivity of my being is been heightened
This pressure threatens
All of a sudden my dreams have now grown bigger than me it’s frightening
Everything so fast so sudden how did we get here?
A while ago we never used to have all these cheers
Everyone is looking from a distance
They assume all is rosy
I ain’t going to lie it is have never been easy
The team is rocking and it’s evidently showing
But sometimes this world you see gives a sound of an empty coin as it hits the bottom of
An empty pit that echoes from a mighty feet
It bruises the levels of my heart
But I believe
I believe this hard work will pay
I believe in a God who has intimately stamp the success
I believe in a God who specializes in broken beyond repair
I believe in what You’ve started
Believing in You is what we’ve got left
So before we become history
We’re out here making history


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