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This is the intro track to the album BLIND, the track is a message trying to turn believers eyes from other things and to focus on God Almighty. Be blind to the world and seek the illumination of Christ. This song is from the Album BLIND and was released year 2016.


Intro by Limoblaze Mp3 Music Lyrics

What if?
What if we couldn’t see all the tricks?
What if we couldn’t see the pursuer after things that make us doubt of faith?
Will our faith grow stronger? Hmmm
I choose to believe so
I mean what if challenges were nothing in reality
What if we Christ breeds were all that was in existence?
Would it really matter what people of non-existence say or do?
What if we were say blind to the existence of the Devil?
Will our love for Christ flow beyond levels?
I mean if our hearts dwell more in His word
Then all the world we would be definitely illuminating
Have you ever considered how we would walk if
The only light we could see was the light from the lamp of His words
Imagine that God’s in the habit of where to live was to bring Him glory
If only what and who we could see was God in His love
Believe me people don’t mind what the world thinks
We would be blind to all the tricks
So yes when they say there is a casting down
I am saying there is a lifting up because
I do not see what they see
The only thing I see is the love of God
So when people are saying that there is famine and recession
I don’t see famine I see an overflow I see plenty
Because I do not see what they see
I see only the love of God
So yes I chose to be blind
All I want to see
And all I do see
Is the love of God

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