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Holy, Holy, Holy, Our Lord God almighty is Holy, The Creator of Heaven and Earth is the most righteous. He is the only One worthy of our praise and worship, Bow down before His presence and pledge your allegiance to Him. Blessed be His Holy Name. This song is from the Album My Offering and was released year 2016.


Alade Ewura By Solomon Lange Mp3 Music Lyrics

Holy holy
Lord God Almighty
You’re worthy of all our praise
Faithful faithful that is your name
King of Glory that is who you are
We bow before your majesty

I love to worship you
Alade wura I love to give you praise

You’re exalted forever and ever
Blessed be your name
Your kingdom will never end
Heaven and earth bow before you
Sons of men will adore you
Lovely Father blessed be your name


Morning and evening
Sunrise and sunset
Creations declares your praise
Nations to nations
From age to age
We all will praise your name
To you be all the Glory
Forever your kingdom will reign
We bow on our knees and we worship
To you be all our praise

[Repeat Chorus]

you are worthy of my praise
I give you all the glory
Alade wura oh I love
I love you
I praise you
I adore you
I bless you
Alade wura. I love to give you praise
I love you Majesty

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