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Lomusa Ongaka (Altar Call) by Spirit of Praise Mp3 Music Download Free + Lyrics Can Be Found On This Page.

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The Lord is calling on you today, He wants you to work for Him, He wants you to work for the advancement of His kingdom. He is asking you to leave all you are doing to become a fisher of men. Heed His call today. This song is from the Album SPIRIT OF PRAISE VOL. 6 (LIVE) and was released year 2022.


Lomusa Ongaka (Altar Call) by Spirit of Praise Mp3 Music Lyrics

Wanele bonke

Grace and mercy
(Wanele bonke)

We give you praise oh God
When I listen to this
Proverbs twenty-two verse four
The reward of humility

And the reverend worshipful fear of the Lord
Is riches and honor and life
Seek the Lord all ye meek of years
You who have acted in compliance with his revealed will

And have kept his commandments
Seek righteousness
Seek humility
And you will be hidden in the day of the Lord’s anger

Serve the Lord with all humility
With many tears, and trials, affliction and adversity
Let no one cheat you of your reward
Taking delight in false humility and worship

Vainly puffed up by this fleshly mind
But as the elect of God
Put on tender mercies
Bearing with one another

And forgiving one another
Titus three verse two says
Speak evil of no one
Be peaceable gentle

Showing all humility to all men
Likewise you who are younger
And of lesser rank be subject to the elders
The ministers and the spiritual guides of the church

Giving them due respect and yielding to their counsel
Be clothed with humility
For God resists the proud
But gives grace to the humble

I’m reminded of the verse that says
Therefore humble yourself under the mighty hand of God
That in due time
He will and may exalt you
Yes he will, He will exalt you
If only you humble yourself

Oh come on just sing this song and just declare today
Wanele bonke abazithobile
And give God the glory come on

Oh come on God the glory (Wanele bonke)
Thank him for his grace and his mercy (Abazithobileyo)
That is abounding for everybody

Oh come say ngiphakamisa (Ngiphakamisa)
Oh izandla zam (Izandla zami)
Ngiyazisola ngiyazisola (Ngiyazisola Nkosi)

Oh ngiphakamisa (Ngiphakamisa)
Oh izandla zam (Izandla zami)
Ngiyazisola Nkosi (Ngiyazisola Nkosi)

Aah oooh ngiyazisola Nkosi (Ngiyazisola Nkosi)
Ngiyazisola ngiyazisola (Ngiyazisola Nkosi)

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