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Yehla Nkosi/ Jesu Unamandla by Spirit of Praise Mp3 Music Download Free + Lyrics Can Be Found On This Page.

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This song is from the Album SPIRIT OF PRAISE VOL. 7 (LIVE) and was released year 2022.


Yehla Nkosi/ Jesu Unamandla by Spirit of Praise Mp3 Music Lyrics

(C′mon Prophet)

Yehla Nkosi, yehlela kimi
Yehla Nkosi, yehla ngamandla
C’mon yehla Nkosi, yehlela kimi
Ungigcwalise (c′mon!) ngomoy’ ongcwele!
Nkosi nginesimo
Esingaphezu kwamandla ami
Ngidinga wena Nkosi
(C’mon Prophet c′mon)
Wehlele kimi

Yehla Nkosi (oh my God) yehlela kimi ungigcwalise ngomoyo ngwele
Yehla Nkosi (yehlela kimi) yehlela kimi
Yehlela kimi Nkosi (yehla Nkosi) yehla ngamandla baba Nkosi
Yehla Nkosi yehlela kimi yehlela kimi (yehlela kimi)
Ungigcwalise, ungigcwalise (ungigcwalise) ngomoya! Ngomoy′ ongcwele!
Yehla Nkosi (yehla Nkosi) yehlela Nkosi (yehlela kimi)
Ngidinga wena Nkosi (yehla Nkosi) bheka isimo sami Nkosi yehlela ngamandla nkosi
Ubukhumbul’ abanye Nkosi khumbula mina Nkosi
Ungigwalise, ungicgwalise (ungicwalise) ngomoy′ ongcwele!

Theoha moya o halalelang
O fodise sechaba sa rona
Fedisa malwetsi
Fedisa dintwa
Heh! Theoha! Theoha! Theoha! Theoha!

Yehla Nkosi baba yehla Nkosi yehla Nkosi
Yehlela kimi ungangidluli Nkosi (yehla Nkosi) ungangidluli simakade
Yehla ngamandla yehla Nkosi yehla nkosi
Yehlela kimi (yehlela kimi) ungigcwalise(ungigcwalise) ngomoy’ ongcwele
Yehla Nkosi (yehlela kimi) yehla Nkosi (yehlela kimi) yehla Nkosi
Yehla Nkosi yehla nkosi ngamandla yehla Nkosi
Yehlela kimi ungigcwalise (ungigcwalise)
Ungigcwalise (ungigcwalise) ngomoy′ ongcwele!

Oh God oh Lord ooh! Shhh
Jesu unamandla uyangilwela ezulwini
Jesu unamandla (ah Jesus) uyangilwel’ ezulwini
Jesu unamandla (oh Lord) uyangilwel′ ezulwini
Let me hear everybody sing with me now c’mon Jesu
Jesu (oh God) uyangilwela (uyangilwele) ezimpini
C’mon Carnival City let′s sing Jesu unamandla
Jesu (hey!) Unamandla uyangilwela! Uyangilwel′ ezulwini

Jesu unamandla (Jesu unamandla)
(Jesu unamandla) unamandla uyangilwela (uyangilwela ezulwini) Jesu uhamba nami ebsuku
Jesu (unamandla) uhamba nami ekseni (uyangilwela ezulwini)
Just that list on fire Jesu unamandla Jesu unamandla uyangilwela ezulwini
Kholwa kuye Jesu unamandla (uyangilwela ezulwini) uyangilwela ezulwini
Jesu unamandla uyangilwel’ ezulwini
Let me hear all people who trust Jesus all the time say
Jesu unamandla uyangilwel′ ezulwini
He will fight for you say that Jesu unamandla Jesu
Jesu unamandla somebody pleased to come through from them tonight
Somebody came here for a breakthrough

Let’s say one more time, say Jesu unamandla
Jesu unamandla (Jesu unamandla) oh God oh God oh God uyangilwela
(Uyangilwela) uyangilwela ezulwini, ezulwini
He fights for me oh call him Jesu unamandla he fights for me
He′s there for me oh God Jesu unamandla uyangilwel’ ezulwini uyangilwela
Jesu unamandla Jesu (unamandla) unamandla uyangilwel′ ezulwini

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