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Most times, as humans, we stray away from the path the Lord has instructed us to thread, regardless, He is there to call us back, He is readily available to bring us back to life, He is ready to lead us on again to the right path. Christ does not care about your sins, all He cares about is you! But I beg of you, do not take this for granted. This song is from the Album Courage and was released year 2018.


Lead On, Lead On By Stuart Townend Mp3 Music Lyrics

Lead on, lead on, O kindly Light
Amid th’ encircling gloom;
Though far from home in the darkest of night,
Still You will lead me on.
The distant scene, the path before me
I do not ask to see;
But guard my feet o’er mountain & valley
One step sufficient for me.

‘Lead on. Lead on’ not always my prayer
When pride embittered my soul;
My heart grown hard, my sight firm resolved
To choose the path I should go.
The cares of day, so shallow and fleeting
Shine bright yet cannot endure;
Now fear is gone, my past is forgiven,
My sin remembered no more!

Lead on, lead on with power and grace
The road Your footsteps have worn,
Till break of dawn discovers your face
And I am truly home.
With childlike faith through joy & through sorrow
My journey finally done,
My rest and calm in light everlasting
Where loved and Lover are one.

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