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When looking for the practical definition of love, I strongly advice we look at Christ, He is the number 1 definition of Christ. He came from His heavenly throne, so He can pay a debt He did not owe, on behalf of people that loved and hated Him. He laid is life for all in the world, Both those that knew Him and the ones that do not believe in Him. What more can anyone ask for? This song is from the Album Lord Of Every Heart and was released year 2002.


Love Incarnate By Stuart Townend Mp3 Music Lyrics

With a prayer You fed the hungry,
With a cry You stilled the storm;
With a look You had compassion
On the desperate and forlorn.
With a touch You healed the leper,
With a shout You raised the dead;
With a word expelled the demons,
With a blessing broke the bread.

Love Incarnate, Love Divine,
Captivate this heart of mine,
Till all I do
Speaks of You.

As a sheep before the shearer
You were silent in Your pain;
You endured humiliation
At the hands of those You’d made.
And as hell unleashed its fury
You were lifted on a tree,
Crying ‘Father God, forgive them,
Place their punishment on me.’

I will feed the poor and hungry,
I will stand up for the truth;
I will take my cross and follow
To the corners of the earth.
And I ask that You so fill me
With Your peace, Your power, Your breath,
That I never love my life so much
To shrink from facing death.

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