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I say to most people, whenever you want to make a decision, consider first, what is at stake and secondly, always think long-term. Now, in this case, what is at stake? Your life is at stake here, you should think intensively and extensively before you take any decisions because it involves your life, and life can never be bought back. Then thinking long-term, should in case you choose the things of the world they will not stand the test of time, But choosing Christ is eternal. Decide today! This song is from the Album Lord Of Every Heart and was released year 2002.


My Delight By Stuart Townend Mp3 Music Lyrics

I have made my decision,
I have counted the cost,
What the world has to offer
I consider it loss,
Compared to the riches of knowing my Lord:
I have lost what was precious
To gain what is pure.

My delight is to know You, Lord,
What greater joy could there be in this world?
Though You may be hidden, yet one day I’ll see
The One who delights in me.

Though I’ve not yet attained it
I press on to the goal,
To lay hold of that
For which He grasped my soul.
Forgetting my failures
And all I have done,
I will strain for the finish
Till my race has been run.

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