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Our Lord Jesus Christ is love, when He came down to earth with the sole purpose of being our messiah, our hope, our redeemer, our benefactor, He chose His fate to favor us even when He knew He would go through pain for our sake. Praises be to the Holy Lamb, for He has redeemed us, and His grace is upon us, Amen. This song is from the Album Lord Of Every Heart and was released year 2002.


When Love Came Down By Stuart Townend Mp3 Music Lyrics

When Love came down to earth
And made His home with men,
The hopeless found a hope,
The sinner found a friend.
Not to the powerful
But to the poor He came,
And humble, hungry hearts
Were satisfied again.

What joy, what peace has come to us!
What hope, what help, what love!

When every unclean thought,
And every sinful deed
Was scourged upon His back
And hammered through His feet.
The Innocent is cursed,
The guilty are released;
The punishment of God
On God has brought me peace.

Come lay your heavy load
Down at the Master’s feet;
Your shame will be removed,
Your joy will be complete.
Come crucify your pride,
And enter as a child;
For those who bow down low
He’ll lift up to His side.

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