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When you tell a third party about God and how much he loves us, it sounds very untrue until the person or people in question experience it first hand. God’s love for us is unimaginable but it is real, He gave His life for us to be free, If you taste God, you have no other choice than to love Him, it is in the human nature to love those that make life easier for them. This song is from the Album THE OTHER SIDE and was released year 2017.


I’m In Love by The Walls Group Mp3 Music Lyrics

No this ain’t no ordinary thing
It’s more exciting than a summer time fling
And it gets realer to me every single day
A love so strong can nothing get in the way
Flaws and all He tells me, girl you’re beautiful
The way I feel when I’m with Him is incomparable
Yeah I know it might sound crazy
What can I say? His love is powerful, it saved me

(I’m in love)
(I’m in love)
(I’m in love)
(I’m in love)
(I’m in love)
Ooh (oh yeah)
(I’m in love)
I’m in
(I’m in love)
I’m in love
(I’m in love)
Ah oh

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