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Your past is your past, it means nothing to God actually, He does not care, all you need to do is come to Him, confess your sins and be truly repentant, do not go back to it. You were born into sin but by His Grace and Mercy, you are born anew. This song is from the Album THE OTHER SIDE and was released year 2017.


Mercy by The Walls Group Mp3 Music Lyrics

Thinking back to some Fridays where I was far out but you were in close
Turnt up my brain Friday and I could see your disappointment with my eyes closed
But I choked down another shot
Meanwhile a young man glocked
With some brown skin and some rough hair on the wrong end of a tough spot

I’m qualified and irregular
Understand they call me David in the street
Or maybe Peter, I’m uncertain, I just know I let the pressure get the best of me
The best of me He has yet to see cause of the fear I have of looking out of place
Distant like I’m on another planet and I know for certain He could see to space
I run away, I change my number often, turn my back but thankfully you never do
I fall and I fail
You always prevail
Honestly, that’s why I’m looking up to you
I’m too messed up and too flawed
Too held down by these scars
Yo, I’ll run to and from the Sun for you but I many not make it that far
Oh no, no (oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah)
Oh no, no (oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah)
Oh no, no

Okay listen as of late man I’ve been going through it ooh
And my trust issues startin’ to show, too
I’m cut deep but I hide it well
Lord but here right now I let you in the wound
Inside the room I can’t feel your hands
I’m out of touch and I’m out of plans
Independence is my greatest trait, but talk it spiritually and it’s my biggest cancer, it’s deep (deep, deep, deep)

Standing in the need Father, can you see me?
Living in the middle where the grey and I bleed
All this hurt that I hold makes chasing you half-heartedly honestly feel oh so heavy like a Chevy
Totally surrender, I’m ready
Let’s cut to the chase
You’re a bank a machete
You’re the light in the dark in my dreams like I’m Freddie

Oh, my God I have some flaws
But you making use of me
An anomaly whose gotten comfortable
What you’re running for is what you’re saying to me
I’m a soldier on the front lines
You ain’t build me tough so I can run and hide, yo I can’t
Gotta go hard in the paint till I feel like walking on the inside
On the outside of your thin lines
I’m a brain cell in the bigger mind
I’ma keep kicking till I can’t fight or I’m outta life or I run out of time
I’m only crying for the cause
And I always fight for my dogs
I stake down ten toes, I’m a real friend when it comes to my God, yeah

Tonight I let it all go
I relinquish all control
Yeah, I give you my soul
Yeah, you can have it all

Don’t deserve it but you give it daily (You give it daily)
Where would I be if you hadn’t saved me? (Where would I be without you?)
I fall, you’re always there to break it
So I take it
Never stop, keep on showing me your mercy
Mercy, mercy, oh your mercy
Mercy, mercy, oh your mercy
Mercy, mercy, oh your mercy
Mercy, oh your mercy

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