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Never Wanna Let You Go by The Walls Group Mp3 Music Download Free + Lyrics Can Be Found On This Page.

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What a friend we have in Jesus Christ. When you get close to Jesus, you connect with him at anytime and anywhere, you will feel some type of security, you will feel safe, and we will never want to leave someone that makes us feel so safe and secure. Your relationship with Him matter, build it, and be consistent and intentional about it. This song is from the Album THE WALLS GROUP and was released year 2012.


Never Wanna Let You Go by The Walls Group Mp3 Music Lyrics

God it’s me again
I wanted to let you know
That you’re my closest friend.
As I look over my life
I see that it was you
That always stood by my side

And through all the pain
And through all the shame
I find myself running back to you

Never wanna let you go
Never do I wanna see the day
That I can’t seek your face
Or fall from your grace
Never wanna say goodbye
Oh Lord won’t you hear my cry
I need you in my life

God I tried it on my own
Now I see that I was wrong
But you never left me alone.
With every day my faith grows strong
To you Lord I know I belong
I can’t imagine my life without you Lord

Through all the years
And through every tear
I realize it’s because of you that I’m still here, so


Oh Lord I don’t wanna let you go
I don’t wanna lose you, no
Can’t make it without you, can’t make it without you
I need you
Hey! I can’t say goodbye
Lord hear my cry
Lord I need you, Lord I need you oh!

I need you, I need you. [x4]

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