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The truth will be light to the path of the blind, Christ is the truth, He is the way, Christ is life. Do not follow the crowd, follow Christ, the crowd will lead you astray, but Christ will show you the way. Be steadfast in His path. This song is from the Album FAST FORWARD and was released year 2014.


Paco’s Interlude by The Walls Group Mp3 Music Lyrics

I’m not gonna sing
I just wanna keep it real
Give you something you can feel
Reach your mind
So here’s the deal

Let this ring in the mind of the lost
Be sight to the blind
Be a light in the dark
Live life and prosper
Know that you’re blessed
Stop conforming to society
Stop following the rest

I know these days such a thing is absurd
Life’s all about getting high as a bird
Here’s a word for that bird and all the flock that’s around it
All things that go up, come down again grounded

I speak the truth in this booth
This is surely no lie
You’re no Sir Perfecto
I ain’t perfect, I’m just living my life
And growing strong in Christ

I’m trying really
You catch me when I go too far
But spiritually, every last one of us are in war
But with God, we are victorious
All of us championed of a warrior’s being glorious
The loser
Who only wants to hurt and abuse us
And use us for gain
Inflicting suffering and pain
But no gain for this bane who has truly been slain
For I serve a God whom all sovereignty reigns
The God who gave us a hatchet to bury
A protector when the world looks scary
This is the message God gave me to carry
No Mariah, and when times are dire
He surrounds us with this fresh fire from above
And covers us with this precious blood
God we are your cups all the way fill us up

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