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Sometimes you may have the feeling that life is quite difficult, I am here to tell you, YES, life is actually difficult, but it is easy for us that walk with God Almighty, not because we don’t have the tribulations or trials but rather because of the hope we have in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Have faith, keep up the good work, your big day is coming. This song is from the Album LIFE and was released year 2004.


I Can Make It by Tye Tribbett Mp3 Music Lyrics

Sometimes I feel that life’s too hard for me to understand
I mean it’s like everyday is something else it’s just too much I’m just a man
When I ask for help it seems like no ones there to lend a helping hand
It kinda hurt when they say “I can’t help you” when you know they ca
I can make
Everything I’m going through I know I know it’s just a test
I’ve been lied on & talked about wich I had time to tell the rest
Even if I had time I couldn’t tell you everythinh I’ve been through cause it’s too much for me it’s too much
My mind is going crazy
Gotta try to keep myself together gotta try to keep my mind off all the things that’s hurting me so bad but it hurts
Lord you gotta help me
I know that I I can make
I can make it

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