What Do You Do In Your Waiting Period?

Can you recall the last time you waited? How does it feel? Does it look like the time has stilled? Irrespective of how you felt, you still waited right? I guess “waiting” is a part of human existence, we have to wait at different points and times in our lives.

Mothers wait for 9 months, Fathers wait in fear and anticipation as she goes through delivery in the labour room. As students, we wait for our results to come out. Workers wait for their payday.

Is that all? No!

You wait for your food to get cooked, you wait at the bus stop for your bus, you wait at the supermarket while they run through your purchase, and you wait for your business to boom.

The list of waiting is endless.

But the funniest part of it all is how we wait without complaining during this period, even when we complain, it’s inevitable because we just have to go through it. But As a believer, why do you find waiting on the Lord difficult to do? Why does it look to you like the waiting period is taking a toll on you? If we can patiently wait for material things to get to us, then it shouldn’t be so hard for us to wait on Abba to grant our requests, hearken to our pleas, open that door, etc.

What made the difference and helped you withstand those periods you waited for a bus, your favourite series to be aired, etc was what you did or find yourself during in that period.

Often, people wait for their bus as they occupied themselves with their phones, Some get occupied by gisting with a friend or colleague, and Others get occupied by pacing to and fro, cussing, complaining, mumbling, rejoicing, etc.

What did you do during that waiting period of yours? Did it help? Now, the same is applicable when it comes to God.

What Should You Do In Your Waiting Period?

 Give offering of praise:

When you’re waiting on the Lord for one need or the other, you should engage yourself in praise/worship. Why? This helps you gather your thoughts and it can quicken your response as it’ll show how committed you are as well as how much you trust Him.

Find His promises to You in the Word

The Word definitely has something for you, there is a word that addresses that particular situation you are going through or the answer you need. Hence, all you need is to read, meditate and even pray more with the promises you’ve found in the word.

Make Declarations.

The scripture says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony. Thus, start affirming words that address your situation and needs, words that encourage you to wait, and words that keep your heart from every form of worry. You’ll marvel at the “magic” this will do.

Remind yourself of the good He has done in times past

The truth is that while we wait and revel in the great things He has done for us or others in time past, it’ll birth a conviction in our heart that He is the same and He hasn’t changed, so He will answer us.

Don’t stop praying

Hannah never stopped praying, she kept hoping, kept going to the temple and at God’s appointed time, she was answered.

Get rid of every form of worry, negativity and anxiety

When all of the above are present, it does nothing but gets you worked up as you begin to doubt God. Remember, faith is needed as you wait upon the Lord. “The faith that He can and He will do it.” However, when you begin to doubt, it might not happen. So learn to put all of your trust in Him.

As Hannah waited on the Lord, she kept praying. Abraham, David, Joseph, etc all waited. Waiting can be hard, painful, disappointing, crippling, etc however, it all works out in the end.
How do I know?
Romans 8:28 — “28 And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.” (AMP).

I have also read in the scriptures about amazing men and women of God that waited.


So would you wait? Do you believe that your waiting period will be over? What other thing do you think can be done as you wait on the Lord? Comment below. Please share and have a blessed day ahead.

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