Why You Should Begin Journaling Today?

A Journal is what some people call Diary and I believe you’ve— at one point or the other, kept a Diary. How do you feel about keeping one?

I have 3 diaries that were documented memories of my moments in Junior/Secondary school. I still have it buried somewhere deep under my clothes. I laugh at myself, I cry at my mistakes and I feel so good whenever I find myself going through it. However, don’t you feel you need a Spiritual Journal as well?

Wells, you might not see the need, but as you read on, I’ll show you why you need one today.

9 Reasons Why You Need A Spiritual Journal
  1. A reminder of God’s faithfulness: Humans are forgetful beings, so it’s possible to lose count and forget all that the Lord has done for you, How he saved you, healed you, showed up for you, answered your prayer, etc. God came through for the Israelites, yet they kept forgetting all He has done. A journal will help you never to forget.
  2. It Heightens Your Faith: Just imagine writing to God about your needs or documenting some things. Reading back on it will help you see how the Lord came through and it strengthens your faith.
  3. A way of Keeping track of your Spiritual growth: Probably you’ve been documenting the hours you spent praying, the instructions, received, etc. As time goes on, you will know if you’ve grown or if you’ve backslid. David is a typical example of someone who Journaled in the Scripture and we can say that it helped Him. For he was always writing to ask for forgiveness, pleading for His joy not to be taken away and How he finds delights in God.
  4. You can Find and Retrace your Steps where you’ve Missed it: There are days you’d feel emotionally down, you’d have expressed the deepest parts of you to God through Journaling. Then it becomes easier for you to go back to see what you did wrong during those emotional moments of yours.
  5. You can Get Rid of Bad Habits: By acknowledging your weakness in your journal, when next you read through it, you’d be willing to let it go and seek a way to be better.
  6. It is a Legacy: Imagine growing old and you’re eventually called home, your children start cleaning the home, and then find your journal in the store. They’d read through and see how you grew in your walk with God, the struggles you overcame, etc and it can help them become better as well.
  7. Makes Burden Light: On days you’ve got a heavy burden on your heart and you’re so weak to pray because you’re hurting. You can easily lie on the floor or your bed, and write to God. The words might and might not flow freely, but just express yourself in the best way you can. You’d feel relieved doing that and you’d be charged up to pray.
  8. Gratitude: It awakens our sense of gratitude because reading through again opens our eyes to what we’ve lost count of and what we never see as something valuable or what counts. The Hymn writer said count your blessings name them one-by-one, count your blessings see what God has done… and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.
  9. It Spurs You To Actualize Spiritual Goals: As we set goals for personal development, so we should for our spiritual life. Journaling helps us know what to do and how to go about it.
What Can You Journal About?
  • Prayer Request: You can write down prayers you’d love to pray for yourself or others.
  • Names of People: If you’d love to intercede for people, you can write down their names so you don’t forget and you can also write what you want to pray for them at the front.
  • Scriptures received: While praying, scriptures might be given to you, document them.
  • Daily Reflection: After each day, you might want to recount how it was spent. The struggles you had, fears you faced, happy moments, etc.
  • Notes from Studying,
  • Ask questions bothering you: It might look weird and rhetoric, but reading through those questions might bring you answers.
  • Your Experience,
  • Write a letter to God on anything.



Journaling is sure a great thing and it’s therapeutic. However, it’s more fun and helpful when it’s two-way. This is where you write from your perspective and the perspective of God. What has God said to you or what do you think He said? Write it down, it would serve as a reference later when it comes to pass and it’ll help you know God’s promises for you.

I hope you’d start your spiritual journaling journey after reading this. You might not be consistent at first, but you’d do well if you continue. Well, I hope you found this insightful. God bless you all. Please comment and share. Stay Blessed.

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