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The God that spoke to Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses et al is still very much alive and He still speaks to people that are willing to listen, are you willing to listen to Him? Open your heart today, so you may hear Him. This song is from the Album WITHHOLDING NOTHING and was released year 2013.


Releasing A Sound by William McDowell Mp3 Music Lyrics

On January the 14th..
I was awakened by the Lord
Because He wanted to say something
I said to you that we are in this room to release a sound..
And I want you to hear what the Lord said, on January 14th because it’s applicable now..
And it applies for all who are willing to receive.
And this was the word of the Lord:
The Lord says… I have released for all who are willing to receive a new mantle for a new sound. The sound of the earth will shift and is shifting in response to the sound being released to the heavens.. And that which will usher in the next wave of glory and move of God, I will deposit in those who are willing to receive it. Many have been in a season and a place of frustration.. And you’ve been sensing that there’s more
And you felt as if you can’t find Me..
It is because I am inviting you to find Me in a new place… I will not be found in the same old places, but remember I said to the prophet Jeremiah to My people.. And you will seek Me and find Me when you search for me…with all of your heart and I will be found by you.. Says the Lord..
For many, you will find that My office is at the end of your rope.. When you come to the end of yourself there you will find Me ready to show you things to come and to place this new mantle for a new sound in you..
Get ready
With this sound will come manifestations and demonstrations of My glory and power..
Entire regions will be set free and shifted at once..
Nations await..
Open your heart to hear
For out of the broken ones will come a sound that will usher in a Kingdom Revolution within this generation that will reverberate for generations to come
And usher in My return… Declares the Lord
Is there anyone in this room who is willing to receive that sound tonight
I want you to know tonight that if you’re open.. if you’re really open that sound is already in you..
It’s waiting to be unlocked! (2x)
Jesus is waiting to be revealed in you…
And through you
So before we do anything tonight
Can we lift up a sound in this place?!
Not just a shout, BUT A SOUND!!!

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