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The God we serve cares so much about our wellbeing. There are other religions that are practiced on the face of the earth as you read this message, for them to have the most basic things, they must render some form of sacrifice to their god, but for us, all we need to do is trust and obey, what more could anyone ask for? He is a marvelous God. This song is from the Album More Than A Melody and was released year 1995.


The Good Shepherd By Yolanda Adams Mp3 Music Lyrics

Quietly He speaks to me.
Gently He leads me.
Lovingly the Shepherd carries me.
He carries me hidden safely in His bosom
I feel His love inside when other times, my friend, I couldn’t.
He knows just what’s best for me;
The Good Shepherd knows, He knows
Just what I need.

Quietly He speaks.
Gently the Master leads.
So lovingly He carries me to
A safe place of rest.
And I feel the Master’s unconditional love,
Everlasting love,
Ever so deeply inside of me.
I’m so glad Jesus knows
Just what’s best for me.

The Good Shepherd knows –
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for Jesus is with me.
He leads me, He guides me, He hides me
In the shelter of His arms;
He holds me there.
The Good Shepherd knows
Just what I need.

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